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Sure, the pros are obvious—but what are the cons of having a friend with benefits?

1.You start to think of them sexually too often.
2. You become romantically attatched via brain chemistry.
3. The dynamic of the relationship changes to that of potential mates.
4. etc...


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What's the longest book you've ever read? What's the shortest?

Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" is the longest book I've ever read. I think it's something like 1200 pages...


Yeah. Amazing book and what not but God damn that woman is self centered!

Shortest novel-Probably Animal farm or something close to that. Ayn Rand had another book that was really short called 'Anthem' that I adored, though I'm not sure which is shorter.

Anyway, I now notice my tendency towards books with a message about the self. Either give more of it away and become a torn down selfless individual or horde it all and return to an infant's habit of selfishness. Ha.


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If you could meet your true inner self, what would s/he look like, and what would s/he tell you?

I'm already rather congruent with my feelings and thoughts. So I'd venture as far as to say that my true inner self is reflected pretty readily by my outer self.


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Do you consider yourself patriotic? If so, how do you express it?



The World is my country, and to do good is my religion. -Thomas Paine (yes, that patriotic guy.)

Do I value what America was set up to represent? Absolutely, it has lead to all these massive wonderful innovations.

Do I think we are any more special than the rest of the World? As far as our economic system is setup, yes. As far as our social systems are setup, we are severely lacking.

I would not say I'm patriotic. I would not die protecting this country. I would not stand by the decisions of our executive branch, just because they 'speak for America'. I am not patriotic. Though, I do love this country and what it (originally) stood for. One day, this empire will crumble just like the others. And hopefully it won't be a total waste of a great idea...


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What song reminds you of the happiest times in your life, and why?

American Pie-Don Mclean

Comfortably Numb-Pink Floyd.

American Pie has made me tear up every time I've heard it since I was 16. It always will, I believe.

Comfortably Numb just thrusts me back into the rear seat of Adam Ayers' car, really seeing the downtown city buildings for the first time. Enamored by the beauty; awestruck by the men that created it. My face pressed to the window, my eyes as close to the skyline as possible. Comfortably Numb marking the moment my eyes opened to this World; the moment I fell in love with man's accomplishments. The moment I will never forget. Never have I been so alone in a group of people as that moment. Never will I forget my youth and that doe eyed wonder.

I have a similar experience with American Pie, but I choose not to share that one.

I love this World so much, and these songs remind me of that each time I hear either of them.


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How would you describe your perfect evening in six words (e.g., I stayed home and ate pasta)?

Any evening spent with my Koi.

Current Mood: anxious anxious

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Wednesday, Feb 2nd, two thousand-eleven. 12 days until Valentines day. This will be my first real valentine. Koi. and it's kinda serious. Point is I've got twelve days to do it. Twelve days to plan. It will be... on a Monday. FUCCCKKK!

Get to pannin'...

   So, I decided to do it the Friday before...
     A few days before I suddenly recollected the importance of the upcoming week while in a French pastry shop/bakery. Naturally, ideas began to ring! So on Friday the 11th I decided it would be that day. I bought: 4 chocolate covered strawberries; two with white chocolate shavings; two with milk chocolate; as well as two delectable pastries made of a French version of the grahm (But oh so much more!) sandwhiching a layer of creme' filled with strawberries. I then called an old childhood friend at a local four bean Italian restaurant. He was more than happy to assist. A call to Le Chat Noir, on St charles, followed to set a reservation for that very evening. For I had searched to see what they offered that night, and a bottle of Champagne, a cupid shaped chocolate and two tickets to "Croon" (basically any amazing love song from the 20's to the 60's), sounds pretty fantastic. -Greatest idea I've ever had- We, of course, show up twenty minutes late because we got so hooked up at Salvatore's. The desserts I had bought previously were presented to my surprised love with some very nice complimentary ice cream, followed quickly(!) by a trip to Le Chat Noir, where our table awaited us. It was the most fantastic night I've ever had. The champagne on ice, the most beautiful woman in the room literally on MY shoulder, the superb mix of chocolate and fine champagne, the singular rose that was no match the beauty that resided on MY shoulder, the beautiful voice of the suave man nearing his 50's shadowed literally by the effects guy and figuratively by the outstanding guitarist, the pianist with hand on fire and the very vocal bassist, constantly pounding away in the foreground. All of it added up to the cummulation of the evening. A quick search through the good neighborhoods, a sudden stop and explosive beginning. Instantly flung into passion, resistible no longer-our bodies naked and minds one. The most amazing, passionate, purely love moment of my life followed. The most time I've ever spent as one with a person, and honestly the ONLY. I love this woman, Koi Young.

It is Sunday, February 13, 2011. My wine came in the mail. I'm at the fly laying on the wire mesh containing untolds of numbers of stones meant to hold back this great river. The wine bottle, Lunacy-Pinot Noir-California, nearly empty; the sun nearly set, and this story only just begun!
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Anybody remember when there was no such thing as the internet?

Just saying people, get less lazy. Lol

We keep talking about this recession saying it's the worst since the depression... My grandparents lived through the depression. You want to talk about a real bad economic state, here you are. Talking piss poor, catching crows on the roof with a deadfall trap using the last of the corn meal as bait; all during a winter snow storm in which, literally, they had to tear down the entire house minus one room to burn for warmth.

And you fuckers cry when the internet goes out...
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What's the biggest lie you've ever told to win over the guy or girl of your dreams?

Seems contradictory to lie to win the girl of my dreams. Maybe I'm an old man, but lying doesn't get you much further than in a mess.

Also, lie about one thing and you can bet they are lying about nearly everything. That's coming from experience too.


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I see your point and mostly agree, except that I don't believe sex is just a physical thing. And that 'just sex' truly doesn't exist. It's not like there isn't a person with real feelings and what not attached to that dick or 'piece of ass'. Obviously, much more happens during sex than intercourse. Nuerons are firing, hormones are surging, and mental changes do occur. Sex is such a bonding experience, and has so much value (most people tend to value it more as they get experience anyway), that to disregard the mental and focus on the physical takes out what is really greatest about sex! Not the act, rather the passion, the desire, the uncontrollable attraction finally reaching a breaking point, and only then does the act even occur.

And that's the difference between what is really sex, and what is just fucking a piece of meat. Sluts are looked at as pieces of meat to be shared. I'm saying this from the guys' point of view. I've been there in my own head with girls before, and to look back on it, I forgot they were even humans momentarily. Because when you detach all emotion and just go through the motions, what are really doing that is any different from masturbating? And that's why 'sluts' generally attract the 'assholes' and yadda yadda because they can, and do, purposefully shut off that part of the brain that recognizes another human being's mind, and focus entirely on the physical. That's why being a 'slut' is a negative, for a man or a woman.

And honestly, how 'casual' can sex really be? Lol
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